September 30, 2010

Hello My Fellow Worshippers of the God of Israel!

I have completely forgotten to blog about my Vort Ceremony so here it is. Before I will tell the story about it here is some background information:
Firstly the Vort is the official engagement between a couple. During this small ceremony the who families meet to officially agree that the couple should be wed. In my case our families met at a small synagogue in the north end of Manhattan. On top of this official announcement, we signed a physical contract (tenaim). This document outlined our marriage and the conditions involved that comes with it. After this document was signed I had this sudden epiphany or realization that I am getting married. It all hit me right then and there, just as I lifted the pen off the page. This thought both scared me and excited me. I believe it is the element of unknown that scares me the most. Like, is there someone else that is better suiting for me? or will I still love her in 5-15-15 years from now? In the end I just reassure myself that I am making the right decision. Which excites me for I cannot wait to live the rest of my life with her!

God Bless,

Jonah Bloom